HARU means “a day” in Korean and “spring” in Japanese. HARU is “a day like spring “.

We invite you to escape to the world of HARU Salons, an inviting haven of rejuvenation where all your stress and imbalances will drift away. Our luxurious treatments have been created to enhance your natural beauty, to pamper your body, and to fully regenerate you. Re-enter your world feeling refreshed, revitalized, and looking your radiant best!

The owner, Peter raised in an urban setting and has had his beauty education in Seoul, Tokyo, and New York. He has a natural sense to make a fine touch and has an artistic energy for his job and the design of the salons. Grounded in a philosophy of using his gift to change lives, he has attracted a team that shares his passion and vision. The team HARU is here to provide you with the finest beauty care available.

Let Your HARU Bloom!